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Safety & Security

The system includes cameras on each train running during all hours of operation and closed-circuit TV cameras throughout the stations constantly recording and monitoring all ticket vending machines (TVMs), platforms, faregates and escalators. While you won’t be hosting a late night comedy show, though we’re certain you have the comedic chops for it, you will be on stage for the security team that monitors the feeds live from Central Control. You have been warned!

The safety of our system is just one reason passengers polled in our most recent survey gave the Las Vegas Monorail high marks for its safety and security.

Here are some other reasons:

  • The stations are staffed with security officers charged with maintaining the security of the system, as well as assisting passengers and answering questions about the ticket machines, fare gates and riding the system.
  • All stations and trains are equipped with emergency Push-To-Talk intercom telephones (E-Tels) that provide a direct connection to Central Control. The phones are located on the trains near the doors and at various locations on the station boarding and platform areas. Use the phones to report any activity you believe is important or to receive whatever emergency services may be needed. Also, we’re always on the other end if you need any help while on our system.
  • The system employs explosive detection canine handlers. Look for our highly-trained canine officers carrying out their duties throughout the system.
  • The Las Vegas Monorail is a state-of-the-art transportation system that meets every applicable mass transit code and safety standard.
  • Comprehensive maintenance checks are performed daily.
  • The trains and stations are clean and well-maintained and you won’t be greeted by pamphlet-pushing solicitors.


The Las Vegas Monorail employs certified explosive detection canines to keep passengers and employees safe. The canines are trained to detect 24 different odors of base explosives which, when combined, can create approximately 19,000 different types of explosives. Their duties include searching the trains, stations and other Las Vegas Monorail property.


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