Informa Tech — International Wireless Communications Expo 2023

March 27-30, 2023

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Informa Tech — International Wireless Communications Expo 2023

A room full of people underneath company banners from a previous Informa Tech International Wireless Communications Expo.

The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) is a conference and business expo geared to connect people within the technology industry. IWCE provides an expo event for people working within critical communications, including fields such as governments, utilities, transportation, enterprise, public safety, healthcare, and critical-infrastructure sectors.

Given the dire necessity for flawless communication within these industries, it is essential to remain up to date with technology, and that’s what makes the IWCE such a special event!

Providing a space for people within this industry to get together to network and share technology allows for the expansion of such innovative forms of communication across various platforms and fields.

The IWCE focuses on the needs of every field within the critical communications realm, including: 

  • 911 Dispatch
  • Disaster relief organizations
  • Aviation/aerospace communication
  • Fire/EMS
  • Law enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • Many more! 

Since society relies on these industries, it’s necessary for their communication to be top-notch!

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What does the International Wireless Communications Expo 2023 have to offer attendees?

The IWCE has plenty of special events and guest speakers lined up for their 2023 event. The IWCE conference has seemingly endless events, while the IWCE exhibit days will be sure to fill the floor plan with exciting exhibitors within the tech industry. 

Sponsors & Exhibitors

The sponsors and exhibitors at this year’s 2023 IWCE include some of the biggest names in the tech and communications industry. The sponsors range from diamond level to premier partner level, while exhibits range from standard to enhanced. This broad range of sponsors and exhibitors allows attendees to adequately schedule their time at IWCE around the exhibitors they prefer to experience and learn from.

Some of this year’s top sponsors include companies such as: 

  • Verizon
  • BK Technologies
  • ESChat
  • Kirisun Communication Co., Ltd
  • T-Mobile for Government

These sponsors can be found around the exhibition floor at various booths, making it easy for guests to plan accordingly. 

In addition to these major sponsors, booths are set up for IWCE’s exhibitors as well. Some of this year’s top exhibitors include the following companies: 

  • Zetron
  • Ritron, Inc. 
  • Sinclair Technologies Inc.
  • Compliance Testing LLC
  • GPS Networking Inc. 
  • OnStar

IWCE’s 2023 exhibitors have something to offer for every aspect of the tech industry, whether you’re on the government side of tech or the emergency medicine side of the industry. Be sure to check out the exhibitors and sponsors list to plan which booths your company would benefit the most from visiting!

Conference Days

With the conference being held for the entire duration of the IWCE’s four-day schedule, it’s unsurprising that the event has an incredible number of sessions and speakers scheduled over the course of the week. These speakers and sessions are composed of experts within the tech industry and have some priceless advice to offer attendees. Some of these exciting sessions include: 

  • Wireless Networking Technician (WNT)
  • Avoid Alert Fatigue: Best Practices for Emergency Communications
  • Drones and Robots Give First Responders a Much-Needed Edge
  • How Digital Infrastructure Can Improve Traffic Safety
  • Artificial Intelligence: Just Because We Can, Should We?
  • Minutes Matter: Responding Quicker Than Ever With Connected Vehicle.

To top off these fun speakers and panel sessions, IWCE finishes each day with fun networking receptions for guests to grab snacks and connect with other attendees!

When is the International Wireless Communications Expo 2023? 

The 2023 IWCE is scheduled to be held over the course of four days, Monday through Thursday, during the week of March 27, 2023, to March 30, 2023. The IWCE conference itself is scheduled to last all four days, while the exhibits are scheduled to take place on March 29 and March 30. This four-day tech expo is set to be filled with some of the most exciting news regarding innovative technology and wireless communication, making it an event you should not miss!

Where is the International Wireless Communications Expo 2023 held? 

The 2023 International Wireless Communications Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which can be found right on Desert Inn Road and Paradise Road. The Convention Center is easily accessible to all visitors, especially via the Las Vegas Monorail. The Convention Center is a short three-mile trip to the Harry Reid International Airport and just one block away from the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip. 

If you’re concerned about packing for your day at the International Wireless Communications Expo, don’t be! The Las Vegas Convention Center is carefully curated for guests and is filled with on-site amenities, including charging stations, business services, and plenty of restaurants. You’ll be comfortable all day long and can thoroughly enjoy your visit to this unique and exciting technology expo!

Las Vegas Monorail

Map showing the route of the Las Vegas Monorail and the locations of major landmarks and hotels/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

One of the best perks of the 2023 International Wireless Communications Expo being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center is the easy access to the Las Vegas Monorail. This public transportation system will allow expo guests to quickly and easily travel to and from the Convention Center and any of the local hotels. The Las Vegas Monorail offers single trip passes or day passes, allowing guests to invest in whichever option may be the most convenient for their weekend plans involving the 2023 IWCE.

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