Las Vegas Summer Market 2024

July 28 - August 1, 2024

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Las Vegas Summer Market 2024

The Las Vegas Summer Market 2024 is the premier West Coast sourcing destination. This exciting summer event allows attendees to seek out their

next top-selling item while networking with others visiting the Summer Market. With countless brands, products, sellers, and buyers, the Las Vegas Summer Market is a 2024 event you do not want to miss for plenty of reasons!

Attendees and vendors from a previous Las Vegas Summer Market show.


What To Expect at the Las Vegas Summer Market 2024

The Las Vegas Summer Market aims to provide buyers, designers, and exhibitors with a unique market experience that offers a space to make connections, learn about new products, and purchase new items. The Las Vegas Market experience is self-described as a “dynamic destination full of cross-category resources and the largest mix of furniture, home décor and gift on the West Coast. Combined with a robust lineup of events, and opportunities to strengthen new and existing business connections, this is the hub for retailers and designers from around the world.”

Whether you’re looking to showcase your own items or discover new brands, the Las Vegas Summer Market is a great opportunity to shop around or share your designs. According to the Las Vegas Market website, the top five reasons to attend this summer’s event include: 

  1. Amazing resources: From furniture, home decor, and much more, market attendees will be able to take advantage of invaluable resources within a wide range of major categories
  2. Authentic connections: With so many different guests attending the market, ranging from creators to manufacturers, designers, and architects, there are so many opportunities to establish connections and develop new relationships. Who doesn’t love making new friends? 
  3. One-of-a-kind experiences: The interactive atmosphere created at the Las Vegas Summer Market allows attendees to experience the products like nowhere else
  4. State-of-the-art campus: The market’s impressive four-building campus provides a fantastic space for exhibitors and attendees alike to navigate conveniently and interact seamlessly with one another
  5. Out-of-this-world destination: This one is self-explanatory because who wouldn’t want to spend a week (or even just a day) in Las Vegas?

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Where Is the Las Vegas Summer Market 2024?

The Las Vegas Summer Market 2024 will be hosted at the innovative Las Vegas World Market Center. This four-building campus provides exhibitors and attendees seemingly endless space to set up and explore each exhibit and opportunity offered during Market Week.

Venues on this campus consist of convention spaces, meeting rooms, a ballroom, outdoor space, and a panoramic rooftop terrace, all of which are unique and impressive in their own way. 

In addition to gorgeous architecture, another perk of the Las Vegas World Market Center is its close proximity to downtown Las Vegas. 

When Is the Las Vegas Summer Market 2024?

The Las Vegas Summer Market 2024 is scheduled to be hosted over five days, from Sunday through Thursday. The 2024 summer event takes place from July 28 to August 1. This five-day exhibition is anticipated to be the biggest market of the summer, making it a must-attend event for business owners, designers, exhibitors, and consumers.

Las Vegas Monorail

Map showing the route of the Las Vegas Monorail and the locations of major landmarks and hotels/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.
The Las Vegas Monorail has regularly provided Vegas visitors and locals with a fast, affordable, and safe method of public transportation for traveling up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. While not attending the Summer Market, this public monorail system will allow any attendees visiting Las Vegas to travel with ease between their hotels and some of the hottest stops along the infamous Las Vegas Strip, as there are plenty of Las Vegas Monorail stations to choose from.

As shown below, the Las Vegas Monorail prices are different depending on which passes you choose to purchase. The flexibility of the Las Vegas Monorail ticket packages will allow Summer Market attendees to purchase whichever package best fits into their specific travel itinerary. Whether you’re just in town for one day or plan on hanging out in Las Vegas during all five days, Monorail riders can purchase tickets online ahead of time to receive a great Las Vegas Monorail discount!

The Las Vegas Monorail online ticket prices can be found here:

  • Single ride: $5.50
  • 24-hour pass: $13.45
  • 2-day pass: $23.75
  • 3-day pass: $29.95
  • 4-day pass: $37.00
  • 5-day pass: $44.50
  • 7-day pass: $57.50 (that’s only $8.21 a day!)

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Summer Las Vegas Market 2024

The Las Vegas Strip.