PIZZA EXPO 2023 / SIAL / Bar and Restaurant Expo

March 27-30, 2023

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PIZZA EXPO 2023 / SIAL / Bar and Restaurant Expo

If you love all things related to pizza, bars, and dining out and can travel to Las Vegas this March, be sure to check out the 2023 Pizza Expo, among other elite premier food shows, during the second annual Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week! This exciting restaurateur experience invites attendees to taste some of the most delicious meals and beverages while creating everlasting connections within the food industry!

What is the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week?

PIZZA EXPO 2023 / SIAL / Bar and Restaurant Expo

The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week is an event comprised of four elite and premier shows, including the Bar & Restaurant Expo, the International Pizza Expo, SIAL America, and the World Tea Conference + Expo. This ultimate food industry event is “dedicated to fostering industry connections and reinvigorating commercial opportunities, resources, and growth.”

When is the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week?

This event is scheduled to last Monday through Thursday — starting March 27, 2023, and ending on March 30, 2023. Each of the scheduled days will boast different events, so be sure to check out the extensive schedule. You won’t want to miss out on anything exciting!

Where is the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week hosted?

The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which is located on Desert Inn Road and Paradise Road. The Convention Center is highly accessible to all visitors, whether they are local to the area or visiting internationally. The Convention Center is only a couple miles away from the Las Vegas Strip and the Harry Reid International Airport, making the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week an easy trip to plan. In addition to its central location in the city, the Las Vegas Convention Center is accessible by the Las Vegas Monorail, making it even more convenient for visiting guests! 

If you are attending this exciting food industry expo, purchase your Las Vegas Monorail tickets online to plan ahead! 

What is the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas?

The International Pizza Expo & Conference is the world’s largest pizza industry event. This renowned event is hosted annually to allow for the gathering of pizzeria professionals where they can learn, network, eat, and shop — all while acquiring tips and insights on how to improve their pizzerias.

The Pizza Expo keeps its guests involved and entertained through a variety of competitions, including:

  • The International Pizza Challenge – also known as the Largest U.S. Pizza-Making Competition 
  • The World Pizza Games – which comprises five events that are designed to test the skills of the world’s pizza makers  

In addition to these fun competitions, the Pizza Expo offers plenty of opportunities to network with other pizza enthusiasts and professionals. The Beer & Bull Idea Exchange is a discussion-based event that is held at the end of the first day of the expo. This allows attendees to share ideas with one another while enjoying snacks and beverages. The Pizza Expo Block Party is even more exciting and offers plenty of games, music, contests, and free food for guests, all while celebrating each other’s love for pizza — what more could pizza lovers ask for in a party! 

What is the Bar & Restaurant Expo?

The Bar & Restaurant Expo is, you guessed it, an expo for everything related to the restaurant industry. This event hosts 10,000+ members of the industry’s largest hospitality groups. It allows guests to learn tips, share experiences, connect with other industry members, and taste a variety of food and beverages from nearly every aspect of the restaurant industry.

This conference is proud of the opportunities it provides for its guests, as there are seemingly endless educational programs to attend. Some of the hospitality industry programs that will be held at the 2023 expo include: 

  • Ready to Launch: Bar Strategies for Profitability and Scaling Up Operations
  • You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Serve
  • The 5 Pillars of Success for Restaurants
  • 77% Of Customers Look You Up Online: Is Your Website Helping

While these are only a few of the exciting lectures being held over the course of the expo, there are plenty of other invaluable opportunities for restauranteurs of every level of experience. Check out the Bar & Restaurant Expo schedule to ensure you don’t miss out!

What is SIAL America?

SIAL Global Network is a world-renowned cross-category food and beverage event brand. SIAL America provides a space for everyone in the food industry, ranging from importers, distributors, restaurateurs, wholesalers, and food service companies to learn about the latest innovations and technology emerging within the hospitality industry. This expo is imperative for any restaurant owners seeking to take their business to the next level, as it offers an array of knowledge and worldwide experiences. 

What is the World Tea Conference + Expo?

The World Tea Conference + Expo is the place to be for anyone involved in the tea industry! This part of the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week provides an extensive experience regarding tea, consisting of live demos, interactive conference sessions, and new product sampling. Attendees can connect with tea industry professionals from around the world, all while learning about this beloved beverage.

Las Vegas Monorail

One of the best aspects of the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week is that the event is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center — a centrally located spot with convenient access to the Las Vegas Monorail. This public transportation system will allow trade show guests to quickly and easily travel between the Convention Center and any of the local hotels. The Las Vegas Monorail offers single trip passes or day passes, allowing guests to purchase the type of pass that fits into their plans for the 2023 Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week. 

If you plan to attend any of the events during the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week, purchase your Las Vegas Monorail tickets online to save now! 

Las Vegas Monorail Map

Should I Attend the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week?

Are you in the food industry? Do you dream of owning a successful and renowned restaurant? Do you love experimenting with food and beverages? Do you love expanding your network and making connections? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you absolutely should attend this fantastic food expo. 

Not only will you make new connections and learn about the industry, but the entertainment provided throughout the week will allow you to fully immerse yourself in everything Vegas has to offer! In addition to the scheduled daytime events, there are also several nightlife opportunities being hosted by the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Industry Week that are sure to allow attendees to truly enjoy Vegas.

Come check out this year’s Food & Beverage Industry Week and be sure to take advantage of everything Vegas has to offer, including the incredibly convenient Las Vegas Monorail!