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As thousands of visitors choose the Las Vegas Monorail to travel the Las Vegas Strip everyday, the Monorail’s operation technicians are continually working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the system runs efficiently and effectively. Below is the inside track behind the operation of this 3.9 mile system that carried its 60 millionth rider in April 2014.


Las Vegas Monorail…

  • has carried more than 65 million riders since opening in 2004;
  • has an in-service rate of more than 99 percent;
  • carries an average of 67,000 passengers during citywide tradeshows, which would equal 22,334 taxi trips per show (estimating three people per taxi trip) or 1,218 55-passenger bus trips per show;
  • ranks among the best rail systems in the country in terms of the amount of money collected from fares per mile, the number of riders carried per mile and farebox recovery percentage (statistics provided by National Transit Database).


Las Vegas Monorail trains…

  • utilize 36 Bombardier Innovia 200 cars – nine trains with four cars each;
  • are climate-controlled and contain 72 seats, with standing room for an additional 152 riders per train;
  • glide on a single rail 30 feet above the ground on average, with a high point that towers 60 feet above the Las Vegas Convention Center pedestrian walkway;
  • operate on more than 21,120 feet of track;
  • utilize a suspension and guidance subsystem to provide stable lateral support;
  • employ an automatic train control (ATC) system that allows for driverless operation;
  • have one of the smallest footprints of any elevated train systems, with a 26-inch-wide running surface.


Las Vegas Monorail…

  • is completely electric and runs zero emissions trains;
  • carried nearly 4.5 million riders, reduced vehicle miles from Southern Nevada’s major roadways by over 2 million miles, and reduced emissions by more than 26.5 tons of carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in 2014 alone.
  • provides significant reductions in vehicle miles and emissions for our Southern Nevada community. In fact, the Las Vegas Monorail is responsible for eliminating over 23 million vehicle miles on our roadways. This is equivalent to 48 round trips between Earth and the moon.
  • has also helped our valley maintain air quality standards. Since opening, the Las Vegas Monorail has been responsible for keeping over 375 tons of CO, VOC and NOx from being emitted as a result of its operation. This is just less than the equivalent weight of two Boeing 747 aircrafts (unloaded).
  • uses regenerative braking, which saves significant power consumption (up to 20% at times)


  • Over the course of an operating day, our control center database collects approximately 450,000 sensor notifications that are analyzed both in real time and at the end of a day to correct any potential issues on the spot (i.e. reset a door alarm because a train door was held open) and identify/correct an issue prior to the next operating day.
  • Each train has 8 cameras for a total of 72 for the fleet, and over 100 additional cameras throughout the system.
  • We use a lot of tires:
    o 32 guide tires (sideways on the beam) per train. Total of 288 for the fleet.
    o 8 load wheels per train (ride on top of the beam). Total of 72 for the fleet.
    o 4 steering tires per train (sideways on the beam). Total of 36 for the fleet.
    o 4 lateral tires per train (sideways on the beam). Total of 36 for the fleet.
    o Total of each train having 48 tires per train.
  • The Las Vegas Monorail system went through 275 tires in 2014.
  • Total number of miles the trains have traveled since opening: 5,552,619. That’s like traveling to the moon and back – 23 times!
  • Approximately 53,000 cubic yards of concrete was used to construct the Monorail guideway and columns. This is the equivalent of 162 miles of sidewalk!