Ride the Monorail

We offer several ticket types to suit your travel needs. Start your journey at any of the seven Monorail stations. Hop off at any station and let the adventure begin! Please note that Nevada Resident Discount Tickets must be purchased at one of our customer service ticketing offices or desks.

One-Ride and Unlimited-Ride Passes


One-Ride tickets are good for one person for one entry/ride.

Unlimited Passes

Unlimited passes are good for unlimited travel for one person for a consecutive period during operational hours. Time on your pass begins with the first use at a fare gate. The expiration date and time will be stamped on your ticket.

Nevada Resident Discount Tickets

Local Fare is $1

Discount tickets for Nevada residents are available at all of the Monorail’s customer service ticketing offices upon presentation of your valid Nevada driver’s license, State of Nevada government-issued identification card or Nevada Sheriff Card. Local fare is $1 per ride. Maximum purchase: two single ride tickets per person per day OR one 20-ride ticket no more frequently than every ten days. Customers purchasing a 20-ride ticket may not purchase any other local tickets within the 10-day restriction time. There is no customer service office at Las Vegas Convention Center Station.

Additional Ticket Information

Children five years and under ride free. Online fares and station ticket prices may vary. Tickets are valid for one year from the date they’re printed (shown in upper right corner). Once the Unlimited Day Passes are initiated at the fare gates, they will expire in 24, 48, 72, 96, 120 or 168 hours. Ticket will be stamped with expiration date and time upon first use. Folded, bent or damaged tickets will not work in the fare gates and will not be refunded. All prices subject to change without notice.

Group Ticket Sales

Ticket discounts are available for parties of 12 or more. Please email us at groupsales@lvmonorail.com for more information.

If you are traveling for a convention or city-wide event and are looking for specific information regarding tickets please emails us at sales@lvmonorail.com.


Please visit our FAQ page for common questions, or our Contact page so we may assist you directly.

Ticket Pricing

One-Ride One-Ride

$5 Buy

24 Hour Pass Unlimited

$12 Buy

2 Day Pass Unlimited

$22 Buy

3 Day Pass Unlimited

$28 Buy

4 Day Pass Unlimited

$36 Buy

5 Day Pass Unlimited

$43 Buy

7 Day Pass Unlimited

$56 Buy