The Las Vegas Monorail is an efficient, easy, and quick way to get to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Conventioneers can count on the Monorail to get them to and from their desired destination.

Monorail trains arrive every 4-5 minutes during large conventions and take a maximum of 10 minutes to reach the convention center from any part of the line. There are 9 separate trains running on the monorail, with each train allowing for a total capacity of 222 travelers.

Did You Know - Las Vegas Monorail Has Carried Over

Carrying over 5 million people each year, the Monorail is the quickest and most efficient form of transportation on the Las Vegas Strip, especially for convention attendees. During citywide trade shows and conventions, the Monorail carries approximately 67,000 passengers—the staggering equivalent of 22,334 taxi cab rides.

The Monorail connects the Las Vegas Convention Center to the following stations

Purchase an unlimited ride pass to travel at liberty during your convention stay. Day passes offer the greatest value and are ideal for lunch breaks or exploring the Strip during your free time.

Ticket Pricing

Ticket Full Fare eTicket Purchase

One-Ride One-Ride

$6 $5.50 Buy

1 Day Pass Unlimited

$15 $13.45 Buy

2 Day Pass Unlimited

$26 $23.75 Buy

3 Day Pass Unlimited

$32 $29.95 Buy

4 Day Pass Unlimited

$39 $37 Buy

5 Day Pass Unlimited

$47 $44.50 Buy

7 Day Pass Unlimited

$62 $57.50 Buy

Paper Tickets purchased at Monorail stations are full fare. Discounts are available online only.

Last but not least, check to see if your convention has arranged a discount with the Monorail for an even greater value!

With an average ride time of 15 minutes to travel the entire Monorail line, the fully electric Monorail system is not only fast and efficient for traveling from the convention center, but also a seamless and safe way to quickly get to and from your destinations along the Strip.

Environmental impact of the LV Monorail infographic

Interested in a discount for your upcoming convention? 

The Monorail offers exclusive discounts to conventions and groups within the resort corridor to augment any transportation plan. Opportunities range from discount shopping carts for attendees and exhibitors to integrating Monorail tickets into show registration and show badges. There are also numerous sponsorship and advertising options available. 

There are no contracts, fees, or minimums required to participate. If you’re a planner or group leader interested in offering added value to your group, submit an interest form OR contact us at 

The Convention Center Loop is fast and convenient. 

Relatively new to Las Vegas is the Convention Center Loop—a tunnel that quickly and conveniently connects the West Hall and the North/Central Hall using Tesla cars. The average LVCC Loop travel time between the two destinations is 2 minutes—a significant improvement from the average 25-minute walk time between the two locations.

Teslas in the LVCC Loop

The Convention Center Loop was designed to assist in the transportation of an average of 4,400 convention attendees each hour. While current cars hold just three people, future vehicles will be capable of holding up to 12 people. 

Using the only two all-electric transportation systems in Las Vegas—the Convention Center Loop and the Las Vegas Monorail—you can quickly travel around the convention center and along the Strip faster and easier than imagined.

How to Use the LVCC Loop