Advertising on the Las Vegas Monorail

Las Vegas Monorail advertising is a key strategy to build connections with visitors and tourists in Las Vegas, Nevada. Monorail media builds awareness for your brand and can drive results like sales, visits, web traffic, and other key metrics.

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Las Vegas Monorail Advertising in Action

If you’re interested in reaching tourists and convention visitors, there is no better way to reach the foot traffic of Las Vegas than the Las Vegas Monorail. There is a wide variety of advertising opportunities to choose from. Below you will find several of the most common ways we help reach our clients’ demographics.

Creative and Unique Las Vegas Advertising

See why the monorail is the perfect solution for your outdoor and convention advertising. Positioned along the Las Vegas Strip, but outside the advertising clutter on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Monorail venues will get your brand noticed!

  • Puts Your Brand Center Stage Away from the Clutter
  • Unique Train Wraps Demand Attention
  • In Train Audio to Educated, High Income Patrons
  • Variety of Signage and Station Opportunities
  • And so, so, so much more!

The Las Vegas Monorail Advertising Statistics

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5 Million On Board

The Las Vegas Monorail carries over 5 million passengers annually.

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5 Million On Board

The Las Vegas Monorail carries over 5 million passengers annually.

Has seven stations and platforms to showcase your brand.

Has nine trains to create immersive mobile environments.

Is the perfect addition to your presence in Las Vegas!

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The Train Exterior

The train exterior is a massive moving billboard that demands the attention of all those around it.

  • Viewed by 40k Vehicles Annually
  • Seen Significantly More During Conventions
  • Viewed by all Las Vegas Convention Center Attendees
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The Las Vegas Monorail Advertising Statistics

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Las Vegas Visitors

97% of riders are visiting Las Vegas for business, pleasure or both.

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Flying into Town

9 out of 10 travel to Las Vegas via air and commute using public transportation.

Our customers are educated with the majority of people having college degrees.

Customers are mobile with 45% staying at a property not connected to the system.

30% are International visitors. 30% are millenials. 19% are business travelers.

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The Train Interior

Train interiors are a creative way to fully immerse convention attendees in your client's brand!

  • Completely Brand the Floor and Ceiling
  • Brandable Wall, Doors, and Back Panels
  • 24 Traditional Lightboxes Available per Train
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