F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023

November 16 - 18, 2023

  • Trains Arrive Every 5-11 Minutes
  • Fast & Convenient Travel Along the Strip
  • Affordable Transportation Options
  • Avoid traffic, Congestion and Road Closures

F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023


As if Las Vegas couldn’t be any more exciting, this November, Formula One will bring even more energy to the already lively city as they host the 2023 F1 Grand Prix right down the infamous Las Vegas Strip. This 3.8-mile race track will take its cars through some of the most recognizable landmarks and hottest spots in this Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World. Check out the F1 Las Vegas Race Track Layout 2023 for all the excitement!

This F1 Las Vegas Launch is a must-see event. Make your plans today so you don’t miss out!

What is F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023?

The Las Vegas F1 Race 2023 is exactly what it sounds like — a high-stakes Formula 1 race right in the heart of the neon city. This race, as well as the preceding practice rounds, will take place during the evening, setting up the perfect neon atmosphere for the drivers to race through.

When is the F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023? 

The F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023 event is anticipated to take place over the course of three evenings, starting on Thursday, November 16, and lasting through Saturday, November 18. The first two days of the event consist of practice rounds, with the qualifying round taking place at 12:00 a.m. Saturday morning and the final race being hosted at 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening. Be sure to check out the full F1 Grand Prix schedule to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the races!

If you are planning your Las Vegas trip around the 2023 F1 Grand Prix, purchase discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets online now and save!

Where is the F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023?

The 2023 F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas will be held along the infamous Las Vegas Strip, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. Given the exciting and central location of this world-famous street, it will serve as the perfect atmosphere for one of racing’s hottest and most highly anticipated events. 

Las Vegas Monorail 

Whether you’re a Las Vegas local or visiting for the first time for the 2023 F1 Grand Prix, don’t worry; the Las Vegas Monorail has all your transportation needs covered!

The Grand Prix’s race track on the Las Vegas Strip is easily accessible by the Las Vegas Monorail. One of the perks of the Monorail is that it offers travelers the option to choose single-ride tickets or unlimited-ride day passes, allowing visitors to choose whichever option works best for their particular plans.

The Las Vegas Monorail will also offer extended hours for this event! The Monorail will run continuously from 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14th through 3 a.m. on Monday, November 20. Trains arrive at stations every 5-11 minutes.

Save time and money by purchasing discounted tickets in advance and downloading them to your phone. 

If you’re a Las Vegas resident, you can purchase local $1 single-ride tickets at a Monorail station customer service booth on every station EXCEPT Boingo Station at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We highly recommend you buy in advance because customer service booths are open for limited times daily. If they’re closed, a full-price ticket is the only option to access the system, so be sure to purchase early!

Also, be sure to book your F1 Grand Prix Las Vegas 2023 hotel early for this exciting event!

Important Monorail rules to ride

LVGP weekend is going to be very busy on the Monorail system. Please review these rules to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Arrive early and pack patience: If you are parking somewhere to ride the Monorail to the race, please arrive at the station at least an hour in advance to account for lines and other delays.
  • Courtesy is contagious (and drinks spill): Remember, just like you, every rider is trying to get somewhere on the Monorail, and staff on the system truly do want to help get you to your destination. Please don’t bring open containers or anything else that can spill or leak.
  • Only you can prevent delays: It’s going to be busy. Please don’t try to crowd into an already full train, and don’t hold train doors open — these cause system alarms, which immediately stop all trains until the alarm is cleared. Alarms = delays, and delays = bad.
  • Electronic tickets: Please purchase discounted tickets if you’d rather have an electronic ticket to scan from your phone. We apologize, but local tickets are not available electronically.

Can you buy discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets? 

Yes, you certainly can purchase tickets for the Las Vegas Monorail at a discounted price! The Las Vegas Monorail offers a fantastic online ticket purchasing option that allows travelers to save when purchasing Unlimited-Ride passes. So if you are looking to attend a multi-day event like the F1 Grand Prix, be sure to take advantage of these discounts!

If you are planning your Las Vegas trip around the 2023 F1 Grand Prix, purchase discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets online now and save!

How do I access my F-1 Zone via the Monorail?

Due to track shifts, delays, and road closures, the Monorail is your best option if you’re trying to get anywhere near the race track. The track will be “hot” from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on each event day, meaning inbound lanes will begin to close first, then the outbound lanes, until all vehicles have been cleared. By 7:00 p.m., once all access has been closed, the track will be fully built and prepared for race activity.

The map below will guide you to the most convenient Monorail station for your designated F-1 zone.

Don’t miss the experience of the 2023 F1 Grand Prix

F1 race las vegas monorail map
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Whether you’re an avid Formula 1 fan or are looking for something thrilling to do during your upcoming trip, the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, November 2023, is guaranteed to be an amazing experience you don’t want to miss!


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