MAGIC Las Vegas 2023

August 7 - 9, 2023

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MAGIC Las Vegas 2023

A close-up of different apparel for the MAGIC Las Vegas 2023 Fashion Show.

MAGIC Las Vegas, August 2023, is a fashion lover’s dream come true. This impressive fashion expo offers access to the largest selection of the hottest apparel right in the heart of the Party Capital of the World.

When is MAGIC Las Vegas 2023?

MAGIC Las Vegas is a three-day event. This year’s MAGIC Las Vegas 2023 is scheduled to be hosted from Monday to Wednesday, August 7, 2023, to August 9, 2023.
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Where is MAGIC Las Vegas 2023?

MAGIC Las Vegas 2023 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Convention Center is conveniently located on Desert Inn Road and Paradise Road, making it easily accessible to all MAGIC Las Vegas guests. As if the Convention Center couldn’t be any more convenient, this expo center is only three miles away from the Harry Reid International Airport and just one block away from the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, making it central to every Vegas visitor’s needs!

For anyone who hasn’t previously been to the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s important to know what to expect. Not only is the location incredibly convenient, but the venue itself is even more impressive! The Las Vegas Convention Center has everything a guest could ask for, from charging stations and business services to restaurants and easy access to the Las Vegas Monorail. For anyone unfamiliar with the area and looking to access the Convention Center via the Monorail for MAGIC 2023, the Boingo Station at Las Vegas Convention Center is where you’ll get off on the Monorail route.

The Informa Markets decision to have MAGIC Las Vegas hosted at the Convention Center was a strategic move that should result in the MAGIC Fashion Expo being hosted at this location for years to come.

What is MAGIC Las Vegas? 

MAGIC Las Vegas is a high-energy fashion experience. Known as the world’s largest fashion expo, it is among the biggest apparel events in the United States and Canada. MAGIC Las Vegas is typically hosted twice a year, once in February and then again in August. MAGIC Las Vegas is home to the largest selection of trendy, young, modern, contemporary apparel and accessories brands and is proud to have something for everyone, including men, women, and children.

The August 2023 exhibits and events lists are full of world-famous brands and fashion experts. MAGIC Las Vegas offers nearly 3,000 brands from over 40 countries, allowing attendees to genuinely embrace and learn about what is happening in the fashion industry on a global scale. As always, industry experts will also be present at MAGIC Las Vegas to provide attendees with educational sessions regarding the ever-growing fashion industry. 

This famous fashion trade expo is proud to be as inclusive as possible by providing experiences that any fashion lover can enjoy. To give you an idea of how intriguing MAGIC Las Vegas can be, here were some of February’s 2023 educational events:

  • A Moderated Conversation with Billy Porter
  • Spring/Summer 24 Apparel Sourcing Trends
  • Fashion Trend Science: Tracking trends and sharing an insight to assist your buying experience
  • Women of Color in Fashion
  • Sustainable Fibers – The Root of Sustainability.

While the lineup for August 2023 may not have been released yet, the marketing information management team behind organizing the event always ensures top-notch guest speakers to present at Informa Markets expos.

Can you buy discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets? 

Map showing the route of the Las Vegas Monorail and the locations of major landmarks and hotels/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Yes! The Las Vegas Monorail offers various ticket packages at discounted prices on its website. While the Las Vegas Monorail may have an in-person ticket purchase option for anyone seeking to travel via this public transportation system, purchasing tickets for the Monorail online allows travelers to take advantage of fantastic discounts. Check out the online ticket prices below:

  • Single Ride: $5.50
  • 24-Hour Pass: $13.45
  • 2-Day Pass: $23.75
  • 3-Day Pass: $29.95
  • 4-Day Pass: $37.00
  • 5-Day Pass: $44.50
  • 7-Day Pass: $57.50 (that breaks down to only $8.21 a day!)

The flexibility of the ticket packages and the excellent prices offered by the Las Vegas Monorail make it the perfect method of transportation for anyone attending MAGIC Las Vegas this upcoming August 2023. Purchase your Monorail tickets ahead of time so you can save some cash and put it toward some of the latest fashion trends!Purchase discounted Las Vegas Monorail tickets online to save during your upcoming trip to MAGIC Las Vegas.



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