Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition - 2023

June 11 - 14, 2023

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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition – 2023

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Expo of 2023 is considered the largest gathering for HR professionals in the world. This four-day conference proudly provides attendees with countless networking opportunities, educational presentations delivered by leaders in the HR industry, various HR-related seminars, plenty of curated content pertaining to various aspects within the HR industry, and hands-on workshops. The SHRM Annual Conference is an event that HR professionals can’t miss!

What should attendees expect at the 2023 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition?

Given the popularity of the SHRM Conference and the fact that it’s being hosted in one of the liveliest cities in the entire world, it’s unsurprising that this year’s Expo will be going all out in terms of what it has to offer its guests. 

SHRM 2023 anticipates having over 275 sessions for its attendees and hopes to cover every HR professional’s needs within the industry. SHRM 2023 proudly provides: 

  • Peer-to-peer connections
  • Eye-opening exhibits
  • Customized learning opportunities

Attendees can make their trip to SHRM easily navigable by selecting specific content tracks that may be of special interest to them. Some of these content tracks include: 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • HR Technology & Data Analytics
  • People & Talent Management
  • Workplace Culture, Empathy & Work-Life Integration
  • Employment Law & Regulations
  • Global HR

SHRM 2023 offers plenty of session types, ensuring that every attendee is able to find sessions that cater to their interests and learning types. This year’s sessions include: 

  • General Sessions
  • Mega Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Preconference Learning
  • Spotlight Stage Presentations

Some of this year’s impressive speakers who are set to take the Main Stage include: 

  • Zig Sarafin: Chief Executive Officer of Qualtrics
  • Starla Sampaco: Founder of Career Survival Guide and an Emmy-Nominated Journalist
  • Mitch Albom: Columnist, Author, and Radio Host
  • Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP: SHRM’s President and Chief Executive Officer

In addition to these revered panelists, the beloved Janet Jackson will be performing at the SHRM23 Tuesday Night Concert! Clearly, SHRM wants its attendees to enjoy every second they’ll be spending in Las Vegas. It’s important to note that this special event will only be accessible to in-person attendees, and there are a limited number of seats, making it an even bigger incentive to attend the SHRM 2023 in person.


The Las Vegas Monorail provides impressive ticket prices and is the perfect option for HR professionals planning to attend the 2023 Society for Human Resources Management Annual Conference & Expo!

When is the 2023 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition? 

The 2023 SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is scheduled to be held over a four-day period from Sunday through Wednesday, June 11, 2023, to June 14, 2023. 

This four-day conference is slated to consist of exciting and unique opportunities for professionals within the HR industry, making it the HR event of the year!

Where will the 2023 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition take place? 

The 2023 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition is scheduled to be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Convention Center is only one block away from the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard, which makes it very accessible via the Las Vegas Monorail. The Convention Center hosts some of the world’s biggest conventions every year, so it’s no surprise that the 2023 SHRM Conference will be taking place at this impressive location.

What ticket options are offered for the 2023 SHRM Annual Conference?

There are multiple options for passes to the 2023 SHRM Annual Conference and Expo. Prices vary based on date and membership status. These different ticket types and prices can be found below:

In-person pass prices

  • Standard in-person passes are $2,195 for members and $2,595 for nonmembers
  • Onside in-person passes are $2,295 for members and $2,695 for nonmembers

In-person day pass prices for members

  • Sunday: $695
  • Monday: $895
  • Tuesday: $895
  • Wednesday: $695

In-person day pass prices for non-members

  • Sunday: $895
  • Monday: $1,095
  • Tuesday: $1,095
  • Wednesday: $895

Las Vegas Monorail

Las Vegas Monorail Map

The Las Vegas Monorail is always the best choice for public transportation for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a Vegas local or are visiting for the first time for the 2023 SHRM Conference & Expo. This public monorail system guarantees expo guests an efficient and affordable option for transportation between the Convention Center and many hotels along the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Monorail follows a convenient route throughout Las Vegas while also offering multiple ticket packages. The flexibility of the Las Vegas Monorail allows expo attendees to purchase whichever package may be the option during this trip for the 2023 SHRM Conference.


If you will be visiting Las Vegas to attend the 2023 SHRM Convention and Expo, purchase your Las Vegas Monorail tickets online ahead of time for access to discounted ticket prices!


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