How to Get to the T-Mobile Arena & The Park

Have you wondered how to get from one place to another? Or the quickest way to get from here to there? Us too. Especially when we haven’t been to a city before or are unsure of the transportation options available.

We’re here to help! We’ll do our best to provide you with some simple point A to point B directions because we know that The Strip can be difficult to navigate.

Being lost is one thing, being lost in 110 degree heat is entirely another. Without further ado…

How to get to the T-Mobile Arena & The Park:

T-Mobile Arena
T-Mobile Arena

It’s new, exciting and you’ve been dying to check it out; The T-Mobile Arena opened on April 9th and has been getting some major attention. Surrounded by The Park, the T-Mobile Arena will be hosting some majorly exciting events in the coming month.

If you’re finally making it out for a big event, we’ve got a few secrets to make getting there a breeze!

  • Parking fees are officially in place and the fees for major events are steep! Skip it. There’s still plenty of spots along the Strip that won’t charge you to park—take advantage of it while it lasts. Need more details on parking? Get them here
  • We suggest developing a little pre-show routine that includes grabbing a cocktail or some food before the show. Find a spot you love (we like Yard House or ameriCAN at the LINQ promenade for beer lovers and Flour & Barley for pizza).
  • From there hop on the Monorail at one of our seven stations and travel south to the MGM Grand station.
  • Walk through the casino floor to the Las Vegas Blvd. entrance. Take the pedestrian walkway across Las Vegas Blvd (and maybe pause for a quick Strip selfie!). Take the escalator down and walk less than a block north to The Park entrance.
  • The walk from the Monorail to the entrance of The Park should take you about 15 minutes. Unless you’re really excited, in that case, it might take less.

That’s it! Super easy, right?

Remember, we offer $5 single rides, as well as 24 hour and multi-day passes. Las Vegas locals can purchase discounted tickets for $1. Find all ticket information here!

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