Resorts World LOOP Station

Vegas LOOP Map

Resorts World recently opened the newest transportation station on the Las Vegas Strip – the Resorts World LOOP Station. According to The Boring Company’s website, “the Resorts World-LVCC Connector will provide a convenient and direct connection between Resorts World on the Las Vegas Strip and the multiple exhibition halls at LVCC, with travel times, based on destination, varying from 1 to 4 minutes.” 

The new LOOP station marks ongoing progress for the LOOP, expanding from stations just at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The long-term plan for the LOOP is to include over 30 miles of tunnels and 55 stops, providing another comprehensive transportation option around Las Vegas. 

Where is the Resorts World LOOP Station?

The new Resorts World LOOP station is easily accessible as well – just down an escalator near the entrance to the property off Convention Center Drive. The ride from this station to the Convention Center West Hall LOOP station is very short – just over a minute. 

President of Resorts World, Scott Sibella, noted that the station at Resorts World will be closed when there is no convention underway, sharing “when there’s not a convention we’ll close the station. But who knows, down the road, eventually people can take it maybe seven days a week, but for the time being it’s when a convention’s here.” Currently, only convention attendees are the only passengers permitted to get out at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Resorts World LOOP Tickets

Tickets to ride the LOOP from the Resorts World station can be purchased at Conveniently, riders are also permitted to pay their fare with Dogecoin (a type of cryptocurrency). 

What LOOP Stations Are Next?

With over 50 planned stations along the LOOP, there is a lot of chatter about what station will open next. President and CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Steve Hill, noted that permits have been secured for a few locations – Encore as well as Westgate, in addition to Allegiant Stadium’s permit reaching approval sometime soon. Some other stops that are in the works and appear on a map include downtown Las Vegas, the airport, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Current LOOP Stations

Las Vegas Convention Center LOOP Station

Outside the Resorts World LOOP station, the other current stations are all located at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Vegas Loop at LVCC is a set of two one-way tunnels built below the 200-acre Convention Center, roughly .8 of a mile in length. The tunnels are engineered and built for Tesla EVs to transport riders from one area to another reaching speeds up to 35 mph in the tunnels.

There are currently five stations: 

  • South Station (Located above ground – adjacent to the South Hall of the LVCC)
  • Central Station (Located below ground near Central Hall Main Entrance, accessible via elevator or escalator)
  • West Station (Located above ground — adjacent to the West Hall of the LVCC)
  • Riviera Station (Located above ground– At the North side of the West Hall closest to Elvis Presley Drive, with direct access to Resorts World)
  • Resorts World Station (Located below ground down an escalator near the Convention Center Entrance to Resorts World)

Las Vegas Monorail 

Similar to the LOOP, the Las Vegas Monorail provides efficient and affordable transportation along the Las Vegas Strip. The Monorail continues to be one of the safest and fastest transportation options along the Las Vegas Strip with direct service from multiple spots along the Strip, connecting patrons to a handful of resort hotels and stops along the Strip. 

Between the LOOP and the Monorail, travelers can reach most places on the strip conveniently, quickly, and for less money than the average rideshare or taxi fare. The Las Vegas Monorail is an electric tram that can transport over 200 passengers per tram from one end of the Las Vegas Strip to another in just a few minutes. Monorail trains arrive at each of the seven stations along the Strip every few minutes. 

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Las Vegas Monorail Hours

Las Vegas Monorail Map

The Las Vegas Monorail is open from 7 a.m. to midnight on Mondays, 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday through Sunday. 

There are seven Monorail stations along the Las Vegas Strip: