What’s Buzzing At The Quad

The Quad recently went through a makeover but they didn’t let their one of a kind Dealertainers disappear. You can experience an exciting night of blackjack or other table games and get a show for free! Simply ride the Las Vegas Monorail to the Harrah’s/Quad station and start enjoying some of your favorite celebrity impersonators sing, dance and deal in the exclusive Quad Dealertainer’s Pit. If you are looking to be entertained by more than your table game, take a seat and play a hand in the Dealertainer’s Pit.

Love comedy but want to watch an interactive and exciting show, too? Jeff Civillico gives you both in his high energy Comedy in Action show by combining stunts, insane juggling, comedy and audience participation. Civillico is a very animated and full of energy type of entertainer so there will not be a boring moment. All members of your family (even the kids) will be thoroughly amused and laughing throughout the show!

Another great show for the whole family is Recycled Percussion. You grab a pair of drumsticks and a household item (ie. kitchen pot) on the way into the showroom and participate right along with the performers. This show is nonstop energy and the performers have a way of making sure everyone has a good time and participates in the different musical acts. You’ll enjoy popular music from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s all with the unique sound of power tools, trashcans, ladders, kitchen items and buckets. Kids and adults alike will love this show!

Are you into the interactive shows encouraging audience participation or when comedians “pick on” the crowd a bit? What is your favorite interactive show you’ve been to in Las Vegas?