7 Things the Las Vegas Monorail is Thankful For

In 2016, the Monorail is grateful for…


Great Neighbors!

The Las Vegas Monorail connects riders to the best hotel & casinos, restaurants, attractions and events in Las Vegas. These are the things that make Las Vegas a world-class destination for millions of people every year! The Monorail is thankful for its ability to connect visitors to everything the city has to offer.

Big name residencies and celebrity chefsMotel and Little Chapel of the Flowers Sign

If you know who they are chances are that they’ve had a restaurant or show in Vegas. We love that Vegas brings the best food and entertainment right to our back yards. Take your pick, be it Giada De Laurentiis, José Andrés, Joël Robuchon, or one of many, many more! No matter when you visit, there’s always something impressive to enjoy.

You can always get hitched!

With over 100,000 weddings each year, there are plenty of opportunities and venues to experience Holy Matrimony. Many Las Vegas wedding chapels offer themed weddings to suit any taste or obsession. Plus, where else can you get married by Elvis himself! Day or night, a wedding in Las Vegas is always a possibility.

Old Vegas vibes

We love that you can still find old Vegas vibes on the Strip. Horseshoe Las Vegas has retained the classic feel of Las Vegas and is located right in the heart of the Strip. Sahara Las Vegas also plays subtle tributes to icons like the Rat Pack. Finally, there’s no shortage to classic Vegas restaurants like Battista’s Hole In the Wall, Pamplemousse and the Sterling Brunch at Horseshoe. We’re thankful Las Vegas visitors still appreciate what made Vegas great in the first place.

A little taste of the World

Look around the Las Vegas Strip and you will see the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, New York City, Ancient Rome and a medieval castle. Where else can you travel both distance and time? Plus, if it weren’t for the themed hotels, the entire Strip would look the same! The Monorail may be 3.9 miles long, but we can connect you to a little taste of the world.


Las Vegas Monorail Employees

Next time you ride the Monorail, take a few minutes to chat with one of our Security Officers or a member of our customer service staff. You will quickly realize just how awesome they are! Those folks are just a small group of all the people that keep the Monorail running every day. We also have engineers, technicians and specialists all helping us move thousands of riders daily!

We’re also thankful for our Police K9 teams. They help keep Monorail riders safe every year. Talk about man’s best friend!

Our riders (and their selfies!)

Thank you! We love connecting you to everything Las Vegas has to offer. It’s riders (and readers!) like you that make the Monorail part of essential Las Vegas.

Keep those selfies coming, use the hashtag #lvmonorail or tag us @lvmonorail!


There you go, folks! Just a few of things we’re thankful for this season. What about you, what are you thankful for this year? Contact us! We love hearing from our readers and riders, so send us a note! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.