The Las Vegas Monorail is a High-tech Transportation Solution in a Busy and Congested City Center


The Las Vegas Monorail Company operates the only privately funded public transportation system in the United States. The Monorail carries millions of passengers every year, and is responsible for eliminating approximately 27 tons of emissions and over 2 million vehicle miles annually. We remain committed to our community and to improving mobility in one of the most congested corridors in the country, and are pleased to offer this page to investors, customers and others who are interested in learning more about our Company.


We budget efficiently to ensure our revenue earned more than supports all operations and maintenance costs – a model unheard of for public transit systems.

LVMC Budget and Financial Information


Our riders are primarily made up of visitors to Las Vegas, with about 2-3% locals as well. We provide a quick and convenient alternative to travel along the Las Vegas Strip.

Ridership and Revenue Data

2017 Ridership and Revenue

Our system isn’t a typical transit system, and we don’t carry typical commuters. Our riders are primarily business and leisure visitors to Las Vegas, and our ridership population turns over approximately every three days. Ridership is also very seasonal, and every month (sometimes every week) is its own unique demographic of rider based on who is in town and why they’re here.

2017 Ridership Revenue
1st Quarter 1,247,940 $5,791,384
2nd Quarter 1,178,412 $4,964,755

Ridership Archive

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It’s no secret that being seen by the tens of millions of visitors that visit Las Vegas is a brand’s dream. But how do you compete with a volcano that shoots fire 12 feet in the air, a fountain that shoots water 460 feet in the air to choreographed music, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty? You don’t. The Las Vegas Monorail can help brands create larger than life station and train wraps, full train dominations, unique experiences from VIP parties to platform fashion shows, and about anything else creative minds can imagine.

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Board of Directors

& Executive Management

The Las Vegas Monorail Company is governed by a Board of Directors with expertise in a variety of fields and industries, and it is managed by a talented and dedicated management team.

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