New Discount eTicket Fares

Looking for a discount to ride the Las Vegas Monorail? Let your phone be your ticket to ride to save money and the environment. As a thank you for helping us reduce paper use and landfill waste, we’ve created an eTicket discount. Now you can stop worrying about keeping track of paper tickets, skip the line and scan your phone right at the gate (paper tickets are still available at ticket vending machines and customer service booths on the station for full price).

Our trains are 100% electric, creating zero emissions while they whisk you along the seven-station route that connects the Strip, so you’ll help the environment while you make your way to your next exciting destination!

The Las Vegas Monorail is proud to provide efficient, sustainable, and affordable transportation along the Las Vegas Strip. To take advantage of the ticket discount, purchase your Monorail tickets quickly and easily online.

Las Vegas Monorail 

Las Vegas Monorail Map

The Monorail continues to be one of the safest and fastest transportation options along the Las Vegas Strip, connecting you to resort hotels, dining, shopping, and entertainment

Monorail trains arrive at each station every few minutes so you can reach most places on the Strip conveniently, quickly, and for less money than the average rideshare or taxi fare.

Let us be your transportation solution and part of your next Las Vegas experience!

Ticket Full Fare eTicket Purchase

One-Ride One-Ride

$6 $5.50 Buy

1 Day Pass Unlimited

$15 $13.45 Buy

2 Day Pass Unlimited

$26 $23.75 Buy

3 Day Pass Unlimited

$32 $29.95 Buy

4 Day Pass Unlimited

$39 $37 Buy

5 Day Pass Unlimited

$47 $44.50 Buy

7 Day Pass Unlimited

$62 $57.50 Buy

Paper Tickets purchased at Monorail stations are full fare. Discounts are available online only.

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Las Vegas Monorail Hours

The Las Vegas Monorail is open from 7 a.m. to midnight on Mondays, 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday through Sunday. Any short-term changes to operating hours will be posted at stations.

There are seven Monorail stations along the Las Vegas Strip: