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Las Vegas sits in the Mojave Desert in the Southwest region of the United States. Although the city was formally established less than 120 years ago, Las Vegas is an internationally-renowned city with a rich history featuring Mob crime, casinos, quickie divorces and marriages, and nightlife attractions. 

Today, Vegas is among the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The city attracted more than 42 million tourists in 2019, with Newsweek reporting that the Las Vegas Strip is the third-most popular tourist destination in the U.S., with only Times Square and Central Park receiving more visitors. 

Las Vegas is more than a prime destination for international tourists and families on vacation. It’s also one of the leading conference venues in the United States, hosting 30% of the biggest conventions in the U.S. and 20,000 meetings annually. Since thousands of event planners coordinate event access and transportation for guests each year, Las Vegas Monorail offers a streamlined approach, enabling event planners to bundle event access and transportation in a single pass.

What is the Las Vegas Monorail?

The Las Vegas Monorail provides public transportation in one of Vegas’s most heavily-trafficked areas. The Monorail covers almost 4 miles of ground, running along the Vegas Strip. Major destinations served by the Las Vegas Monorail include the MGM Grand, Harrah’s/The LINQ, and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Las Vegas Monorail hours are as follows:

Day Opens   Closes
Sunday   7 a.m.   3 a.m.
Monday   7 a.m.   12 a.m. (midnight)
Tuesday   7 a.m.   2 a.m.
Wednesday   7 a.m.   2 a.m.
Thursday   7 a.m.   2 a.m.
Friday   7 a.m.   3 a.m.
Saturday   7 a.m.   3 a.m.


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How much are Las Vegas Monorail tickets?

Ticket Full Fare eTicket Purchase

One-Ride One-Ride

$6 $5.50 Buy

1 Day Pass Unlimited

$15 $13.45 Buy

2 Day Pass Unlimited

$26 $23.75 Buy

3 Day Pass Unlimited

$32 $29.95 Buy

4 Day Pass Unlimited

$39 $37 Buy

5 Day Pass Unlimited

$47 $44.50 Buy

7 Day Pass Unlimited

$62 $57.50 Buy

Paper Tickets purchased at Monorail stations are full fare. Discounts are available online only.

Are there discounts available?

Users can access Vegas Monorail tickets discount prices in several ways, including the following:

  • Purchasing multi-day passes
  • Purchasing eTickets for day passes

You can also purchase group tickets via the website and enjoy additional savings when traveling with a group of 20 or more.

What is Monorail ticket integration?

Customer Scans Phone at Monorail Gate
Electronic ticket being scanned from phone at Monorail faregate

Monorail ticket integration is a convenient way to combine event and Monorail tickets into a single access pass. Fully integrated tickets provide attendees with a single pass granting them access to their event and the Las Vegas Monorail system. These tickets combine event and Monorail fees, so attendees don’t have to pay two separate costs.

Las Vegas Monorail also offers the option of allowing attendees to select a discounted Monorail ticket as an optional add-on during the registration process. The Monorail system faregates have scanners that read QR codes, barcodes, RFID, NFC, and other tag technologies, making it possible to add information to event tickets when issued.

How can you integrate your Monorail tickets and event access?

Event organizers should contact the Monorail sales team at to discuss your event transportation needs. Our customer service professionals will ensure you receive expert guidance while determining the best way to offer integrated tickets to your event attendees. We’ll work with you to ensure you have integrated ticket options available when you start taking registrations or when you welcome guests.

What venues can you get to with a Las Vegas Monorail ticket

The Las Vegas Monorail offers convenient transportation to the City Center, Caesars Forum, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and dozens of other destinations on the Vegas Strip.

Popular hotels and casinos you can access via the Las Vegas Monorail include the following:

  • MGM Grand
  • Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • The LINQ Las Vegas
  • Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
  • SAHARA Las Vegas

Popular shopping destinations along the Las Vegas Monorail include the following:

  • Miracle Mile 
  • Showcase Mall

Popular restaurant stops on the Las Vegas Monorail route include the following:

  • Battista’s Hole in the Wall Restaurant
  • Yard House
  • Nobu
  • Morimoto Las Vegas
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak

Other sites you can access via the Las Vegas Monorail include the following:

  • High Roller – The second-highest observation wheel in the world
  • Las Vegas Festival Grounds
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • FLY LINQ Zipline
  • Museum of Selfies
  • The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat
  • Eifel Tower
  • Topgolf

If you’re planning a personal vacation, purchase your Monorail tickets from the Las Vegas Monorail website today. If you’re planning an event in Vegas, Contact the sales team at to find out how we can simplify Monorail ticket purchases for your guests.


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