Las Vegas F1 Spectator’s Guide: Must-See Spots at the Race

Skid marks on a race track.

Welcome to the Las Vegas F1 spectator’s guide, your ultimate resource for finding the best spots to witness all the excitement and adrenaline of the Formula 1 race in vibrant Las Vegas. Whether you are an avid motorsport fan or simply looking for an unforgettable vacation filled with high-speed action, get ready to immerse yourself in everything you need to know to enjoy your time at Formula 1 in Las Vegas.

When is the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Formula 1 race will be held November 16-18, 2023. There will be an opening event to celebrate the race on November 15, 2023.

What are the best things to see at the Las Vegas F1 race?

At the F1 in Las Vegas, there are several exciting things to see and experience. Here are some of the best highlights:

  • The race itself: Undoubtedly, the main attraction is witnessing high-speed Formula 1 cars zooming past at incredible velocities. Feel the adrenaline as skilled drivers compete on a challenging circuit, showcasing their precision and expertise.
  • Pit lane action: Get an up-close look at the heart of the race by exploring the pit lane area. Witness teams in action as they perform lightning-fast tire changes, fuel refills, and mechanical adjustments. It’s a thrilling behind-the-scenes experience not to be missed.
  • Trackside views: Find vantage points along the track offering breathtaking views of both straightaways and corners — ideal for capturing stunning photographs or simply enjoying watching these remarkable machines in action.
  • Entertainment zone: Immerse yourself in an array of off-track activities available within dedicated entertainment zones, like the MSG Sphere and T-Mobile Zone. Explore interactive exhibits, merchandise shops, food stalls, live music performances, and much more.
  • Celebrity appearances: Keep an eye out for celebrities who often attend Formula 1 races worldwide, from famous racers to renowned actors and musicians. Seeing a celebrity or two adds another level of excitement to this already glamorous event.

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Where is the best place to see the F1 race in Las Vegas?

The best place to see the F1 race in Las Vegas is subjective, as it depends on personal preferences and what kind of experience you are looking for. However, there are a few notable locations that offer fantastic views:

  • Grandstands: Choosing a grandstand seat along the track offers an excellent vantage point for experiencing the race. Consider seats around hairpin turns, or straightaways where overtaking maneuvers often take place.
  • VIP hospitality areas: To enhance your experience with luxurious amenities, consider booking VIP hospitality packages offered by organizers or hotels near the circuit. These areas provide prime viewing spots, gourmet food, open bars, and comfortable seating.
  • Exclusive rooftop bars: Some hotels along the Las Vegas Strip have rooftop bars with stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and racetrack in the distance. Sipping cocktails while enjoying aerial perspectives can be an unforgettable way to watch part of the race.
  • Trackside suites: Exclusive suites positioned right next to or above certain sections of the track provide a unique viewing experience combined with VIP services such as fine dining and concierge assistance.

Remember to check specific ticket options and availability based on your budget, desired level of access, and preferred location to make your experience at the Formula 1 in Las Vegas memorable.

What are some key points of interest on the race course itself?

The Las Vegas Formula 1 race course offers spectators several key points of interest, including:

  • Start/finish line: The starting and finishing line is a prime spot where all the action kicks off and concludes. It’s an exhilarating location to witness the intensity and anticipation as cars accelerate from a standstill or speed past in their final lap.
  • Turns and corners: Keep an eye out for challenging turns, as this is where drivers showcase their skills by navigating at high speeds with precision. Look for corners that require braking techniques, overtaking opportunities, or unique features that add complexity to the race.
  • Straightaways: Along straight sections of the track, you’ll witness Formula 1 cars reach their maximum speed, often exceeding 200 mph (320 km/h). These stretches offer an incredible display of raw power as cars thunder down the circuit at full throttle.
  • Pit lane entry/exit: The pit lane entry and exit points are crucial areas where teams perform lightning-fast tire changes and adjustments during pit stops. Observing teams strategize and execute these rapid procedures can be fascinating.

What is there to see behind the scenes at the F1 in Las Vegas?

Behind the scenes at the F1 in Las Vegas, there are several intriguing elements to explore. Here’s what you may have the opportunity to see:

  • Team garages: Some F1 events provide access to team garages, allowing you a unique peek into their inner workings. Experience firsthand how teams analyze data, fine-tune their cars and strategize for each session.
  • Paddock area: The paddock is where drivers and teams prepare for races and interact with officials and guests. It offers a chance to catch glimpses of renowned racers before or after they hit the track.
  • Media center: Serves as a hub for journalists, photographers, and other media personnel covering the race. It provides insights into media operations while allowing an opportunity to witness interviews or press conferences.
  • Technical inspection zone: Depending on access granted by event organizers, you might have a chance to observe technical inspections of the F1 cars before racing sessions or even witness them being disassembled post-race.

Where can I meet the Las Vegas F1 race car drivers?

Meeting Las Vegas F1 race car drivers can be a thrilling experience for fans. Here are some possible ways to meet them:

  • Autograph sessions: Watch for scheduled autograph sessions organized by the event sponsors or individual teams
  • Fan events: Event organizers often arrange fan-friendly activities like driver Q&A sessions, meet-and-greets, or interactive experiences
  • Team hospitality areas: While these areas are primarily reserved for VIPs and corporate partners, there could be opportunities to glimpse drivers as they move through these spaces
  • Official events/parties: Official parties or events associated with the Grand Prix may include driver appearances as special guests or even host them exclusively

Remember that meeting F1 race car drivers might not always be guaranteed. It’s a good idea to stay updated with official race announcements and social media accounts of drivers for opportunities to meet the Las Vegas Formula 1 race car drivers.

What is the best way to travel between hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and the race zones?

F1 race las vegas monorail map
Download Map

The best way to travel between hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and the race zones is the Las Vegas Monorail. You can get around the Strip quickly and efficiently without worrying about road closures or alternative routes. The Monorail connects several major resorts, making it a convenient mode of transportation between resorts, race zones, attractions, and race events.

The Las Vegas Monorail will also offer extended hours for this event! The Monorail will run continuously from 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14, through 3 a.m. on Monday, November 20. Trains arrive at stations every 5-10 minutes.

Save time and money by purchasing discounted tickets in advance and downloading them to your phone. 

If you’re a Las Vegas resident, you can purchase local $1 single-ride tickets at a Monorail station customer service booth on every station EXCEPT Boingo Station at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We highly recommend you buy in advance because customer service booths are open for limited times daily. If they’re closed, a full-price ticket is the only option to access the system, so be sure to purchase early!

Important Monorail rules to ride

LVGP weekend is going to be very busy on the Monorail system. Please review these rules to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Arrive early and pack patience: If you are parking somewhere to ride the Monorail to the race, please arrive at the station at least an hour in advance to account for lines and other delays
  • Courtesy is contagious (and drinks spill): Remember, just like you, every rider is trying to get somewhere on the Monorail, and staff on the system truly do want to help get you to your destination. Please don’t bring open containers or anything else that can spill or leak.
  • Only you can prevent delays: It’s going to be busy. Please don’t try to crowd into an already full train, and don’t hold train doors open — these cause system alarms, which immediately stop all trains until the alarm is cleared. Alarms = delays, and delays = bad.
  • Electronic tickets: Please purchase discounted tickets if you’d rather have an electronic ticket to scan from your phone. We apologize, but local tickets are not available electronically.

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