Meet the K-9 Unit: Officer Smith and Rony

We would like to introduce you to one seriously dynamic duo! Officer Smith and Rony are part of our hard-working K9 team. This pair is one of three K9 teams that work at the Las Vegas Monorail. If you’re out on the rails, you might just run into them.

Check out the video below and hey, if you end up sharing the video with your whole office (we think you might), we don’t mind! There’s something that’s just so catchy about that song.



About Rony and Officer Smith

Rony is an eight-year-old German Shepherd. He is an explosives detection police canine and as you can see he’s quite talented. Rony and Officer Smith patrol the Las Vegas Monorail to keep riders safe. They also provide directions and assistance to train passengers.

Do you want to learn more?

You can read even more about them right here!


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