Pack it Up

Pack Expo is known worldwide for Engineers, Plant managers, Sales personnel, Quality controllers, Production supervisors and people in important decision making positions come to this event to gain an insight into the future of the packaging industry as well as strike profitable deals with suppliers from all across the globe. While the fair already attracts professionals from the food, beverage, volume printing, toys, chemical as well as household industries, the co-located Pharma Expo adds to the count of pharmaceutical professionals coming to this mega trade fair.


This year at at Pack Expo you get:

  1. INSIGHTS–PACK EXPO Las Vegas offers valuable, hands-on and convenient learning opportunities right on the show floor. The industry’s most recognized experts share knowledge of breakthrough technologies, the latest regulations…everything you need to know to keep your projects moving forward.
  2. INTERACTION–We’re not talking top-level-only networking events. There’s camaraderie and idea-sharing going on everywhere at PACK EXPO. You’ll connect with fellow professionals in industry-specific lounges and pavilions, strike up conversations at booths and plug in to the energy that comes from walking the show floor with 30,000 forward-thinking peers.
  3. INSPIRATION–It takes more than “business as usual” to stay ahead. At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, you’ll gain the outside perspective you need to solve tough problems, identify best practices, exceed demands, guide your organization into the future and develop a competitive edge.
  4. INNOVATION– You’ll see the most advanced technologies for enhancing production from beginning to end—and of course the most creative packaging ideas imaginable—from 1,800+ vetted, top-tier suppliers of processing and packaging solutions.
    And because it wouldn’t be Vegas without it…
  5. ENTERTAINMENT–The fun and thrill of Vegas doesn’t stop at the door of the convention center. At this year’s PACK EXPO, you’ll feel like a VIP in our expertly designed industry-specific pavilions and lounges. Relax, unwind, and talk shop with tantalizing food and beverages served right on the show floor. Plus, this year’s PACK gives BACK™ charity event will feature an unforgettable performance from the legendary rock band, Chicago! So get ready for PACK EXPO, Vegas-style!


PACK EXPO Las Vegas attendees can reap the rewards of the show’s 20 years of growth and innovation! Watch this video to see what makes PACK EXPO Las Vegas the highest-quality, largest processing and packaging event of the year.