The Perfect Compliment to Uber, Lyft & Taxis

Many people who have never been to Las Vegas before are truly amazed at the size of the Las Vegas Strip. Maneuvering around the strip area can be very tiring if you attempt it on foot. Most people opt to pay for transportation to ensure that they get where they want without being exhausted from walking. However, many people also do not realize that there are significant differences in the cost of the different types of transportation available on the Strip. One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to move around Las Vegas is by using the Monorail system.

Moving Around The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Monorail has a four-mile track in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. This system has stops at or near six of the major hotels and casinos and at the Las Vegas Convention center. Exiting at any one of these stops brings you within walking distance of a different area of the Strip. The Convention Center stop is perhaps the most used, with many people opting to visit the Strip after a long day at the Convention Center.

The Monorail operates from 7 am to midnight on Monday, 7 am to 2 am Tuesday thru Thursday, and 7 am to 3 am On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These hours of operation coincide with most of the major events that take place on the Strip, making it perfect to use for any occasion.

The Monorail costs $5.00 for a one-way ride. This is very cost-effective, especially when you look at the cost of the competition.

Cost Comparison of Using a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft Service for the Same Ride

Using a taxi service, Uber, or Lyft is perfect for those who need to get from the airport into the downtown area of Las Vegas. However, they may not be as cost-effective for people that just want to maneuver around the Strip.

Taxis in Las Vegas

For example, using the four-mile track that the monorail uses as a baseline, and taking information from Google maps as to the amount of time it would take to complete this track in a vehicle (12 minutes), the same four-mile ride in these different types of transportation would cost the following:


Base price for a ride of $2.40, $7.40 for mileage at $1.85 per mile, a $1.00 safe ride fee, and .30 per minute for time, equaling $3.60. The total cost for your trip around the four-mile area of the Strip would be $14.40. This does not include a three percent tax that is soon going into effect. Uber discourages tips for drivers.


The Lyft Company is very similar to Uber and is currently under application for the rights to work in Las Vegas. They have stated that their fares will be very similar to Uber, however, their safe ride fee will be $1.55. Assuming that this company is using the same rates as Uber for all the rest of its pricing, the cost to use this service would be $14.95. Lyft has not disclosed if it will allow drivers to be tipped.

It should be noted at this point that both Uber and Lyft have stated that they use a “dynamic pricing model.” This means that if demand becomes very high at any certain time or in any certain area, their rates are subject to increase to meet the demand.

There is always a high demand for transportation in Las Vegas, especially when there is a large convention in the area. Under their “dynamic pricing model,” people attending these conventions would be subjected to much higher pricing for a ride to the Strip. Seeing that there is almost always a convention going on in Las Vegas, the prices quoted above may be considerably higher.


To use a taxi to complete this four-mile adventure around the Strip will cost the following: $3.45 for the initial cost to get the taxi, $10.72 for mileage at $2.68 per mile, $6.48 for time ($32.40 per hour or time cost when moving at under 12mph). This trip could cost you $20.65 if the wait time was to the fullest amount as calculated here. This figure does not include the three percent tax, the $3.00 charge for using a credit card to pay for the fare, or the 20 percent tip.

Las Vegas taxi cab fares
Current taxi cab fares in Las Vegas

To move the same distance using the Las Vegas Monorail, you would pay $5.00

Additional Saving Opportunities By Buying A Pass

If you intend to explore Las Vegas, as most people do, you may benefit from purchasing a Monorail pass. The Las Vegas Monorail offers a 24-hour pass for $13.45. This pass allows you to ride as much as you want during that 24-hour period – no restrictions. If you are going to be at the Las Vegas Strip for several days, you can increase your savings even further by purchasing a multi-day pass.

  • 2-Day Pass – $23.75
  • 3-Day Pass – $29.95
  • 4-Day Pass – $37.00
  • 5-Day Pass – $44.50
  • 7-Day Pass – $57.50

Nevada residents will also benefit from using the Monorail. With a picture ID showing that you are a Nevada resident, you can ride the Monorail for $1.00 per ride with a limit of 20 rides in a 10-day period.

If you are in the area for a convention or are staying at one of the larger hotels, speak to the concierge service about discounted passes for the Monorail system. Many conventions and casinos make arrangements for their clients to receive deeply discounted passes for the Monorail.

Taking Advantage Of Free Shuttles At The Monorail Stations

In addition to these incredible savings that the Las Vegas Monorail offers riders, visitors to the area can also take advantage of free shuttle services that pick up from the Monorail Stations. Different area hotels offer a free shuttle to their casino and hotel right from the stations. You can take advantage of these shuttles throughout the day to maneuver your way through the city. Additional shuttles for area attractions also pick up at the Monorail stations. However, it is not guaranteed that these shuttles have frequent arrivals or are free to use.

Fun Facts About The Las Vegas Monorail System

The Monorail system has only been in place in the Strip since 2004. However, since its inception, the Monorail:

  • Has had over 65 Million riders since it opened – that averages over 6.5 million people a year.
  • An operational rate of over 99 percent – That is nearly flawless.
  • Has nine separate trains that contain four cars each
  • Arrives every five or six minutes at a station
  • Is completely run on electricity and does not produce carbon emissions
  • Has traveled over 23 million vehicle miles which is equivalent to 48 round trips to the Moon.
  • It operates at 30 feet above ground except near the convention center where it rises to 60 feet.

You Are In Las Vegas To Enjoy Yourself

Whether you have come to Las Vegas for business or pleasure, you are here to enjoy yourself. There are much better things to spend your money on in Las Vegas than expensive car trips around the Strip.

Enjoy yourself while you are here and indulge in a Monorail pass. See the Strip from 30 feet up and enjoy the neon lights. Relax in the air-conditioned train while you quickly arrive at your destination. Don’t worry about being able to get a ride to your next destination, the Monorail is always there.