Phone Chargers at the Monorail

Need a Charge?

We know how it is. That feeling when you realize that you have 6% battery left on your phone and you need a charger pronto! Las Vegas is not the place for a social media cleanse. You have photos to take, and thoughts to tweet.

The Las Vegas Monorail has the solution. We partnered with MobileQubes to make sure you can stay connected. No more asking your friends to use their phones, or worse, going without.

How does it work?

MobileQubes provides portable battery rentals for mobile devices. It’s like your favorite DVD rental service but for a portable charger.

You can rent or purchase a battery pack – or Qube – that you can return later. After you pick up your MobileQube at one of our stations, you can return at any of their kiosks. You can find them in airports, hotels, convention centers, professional sports arenas and casinos.

The qubes are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The best part? There’s no cord or need for a power source. You can also recharge the Qube in case your phone just can’t keep up with your Vegas lifestyle.

Don’t miss the perfect photo op because you’re out of juice. Explore Las Vegas fully charged and let us keep you connected.

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