Raiding the Rock Vault at Westgate Las Vegas

We were excited to hear that the Westgate Las Vegas show “Raiding the Rock Vault” was voted Best of Las Vegas 2014 by the Las Vegas Review Journal! This show isn’t your typical tribute show but like a live concert where the audience is up singing and dancing to the classic rock hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s along with the on-stage performers!

Do you miss the energetic rock hair bands of the 80’s? This rock show will throw you right back into the excitement of classic hits. The performers aren’t just talented look-(or sound) a-likes but are some of the best musicians from the classic rock bands that used to rock the stages in the 80’s. The show lives up to the tagline, “Classic rock by those who rocked it!”

There are quite a few tribute shows and bands in Las Vegas, but the classic rock songs you’ll be head banging to in this show are being performed by those who originally rocked the stage. Some of the musicians you may see are from Heart, Asia, Whitesnake, Survivor and The Offspring.

We recommend you check out this show if you love music and are looking for a fast past, high energy and fun show. Grab one of their “Rocktails” for a little liquid courage and join in on the singing, dancing and air guitar performances happening in the audience. The nostalgic rock music and the enthusiastic audience will keep you and your group entertained for the whole show!

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