Tips for First Time Las Vegas Visitors

Welcome to Las Vegas

First time around these parts? Hang on tight for one of the most memorable trips you’ll take. Before you pack your bags, we’ve put together a list of our top tips, plus packing and planning advice. This blog features everything you need to know as a first time Las Vegas visitor!

Drink Water

We know it annoying, but it’s also an essential must-know tip. Las Vegas is the desert, and it’s going to be dry and hot. Do yourself a favor and hydrate! If you need some extra hydration and vitamins, head over to our MGM Grand Station and check out REVIV Wellness. They offer five different IV infusions, plus different energy and wellness booster shots.

Scope out the Strip

If you’re anything like us, you like to scope out wherever you’re traveling. There’s so much to see in Las Vegas, and if it’s your first time, you’ll be even more eager to see what the city has to offer! Lucky for you, there are lots of great ways to scope out the Strip.

A rotation on the High Roller will give you sweeping views of the Strip and surrounding area. Or, hop on the Las Vegas Monorail to glide past resort-casinos, pools, and the iconic sights of the Strip. Need more ideas? Check out our roundup of essential Las Vegas view and the best ways to enjoy them.

After you scope out the Strip, you’ll have a better idea of the things you just can’t bear to miss!

Make Some Reservations

If your heart is set on specific restaurants, we highly recommend that you make some reservations before you arrive. Reservations are also a great idea if you’re traveling and dining with a large party. Are you celebrating a special occasion? Be sure to let the host know. Las Vegas loves to help guests celebrate!

What to Pack for Las Vegas

A bathing suit, plus breezy clothes to cover up with and some kind of hat. Trust us, a few hours at the pool, and you’ll want to few options to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget sunglasses–you’ll want them just about anytime you’re outside the hotel.

We also recommend items like chapstick and body lotion. Even if you’re following our top tip about water, Las Vegas is still the desert and nearly everywhere will be highly air-conditioned. Conversely, a sweater or light jacket might be helpful for indoor shopping, dining and on the casino floor.

Ibuprofen (and a Pedialyte single serve packet for the pros) is easy to toss in your suitcase and might be well-appreciated later on. Don’t forget to swing by an ATM before you head to the airport to avoid ATM fees.

In the case that you do forget something essential, we recommend making your way to either CVS or Walgreens, which are conveniently located on the Strip.

Getting Around

The reverse side-view mirror rule applies: what you see is farther away than it appears. At any given point, you may look down the Las Vegas Strip and see a hotel-casino or landmark and think it’s within walking distance, but you will be surprised to find it’s almost always a lot farther away than you thought.

We recommend checking the maps app on your phone to see how far your destination is. Keep in mind that it will take you 15-20 minutes to walk a mile. If you’re here in the summer, it can easily be 115 degrees out, so that 20-minute walk is going to feel a lot longer.

Are you trying to figure out what mode of transportation to use? Head over to our Las Vegas transportation guide for all the details and tips!

Convention Attendees

Is this your first time in Las Vegas for a convention?

Check out our convention attendee guide for suggestions on how to make the most of your time in Las Vegas. Plus, we rounded up our picks for best coffee shops, lunch spots and happy hours for conventions at the Las Vegas Convention Center. You may be here for work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dining, shopping, and attractions.

Consider adding a day or two to your trip if you’re here for a convention. Be sure to gather intel from your fellow conventioneers on their favorite restaurants, happy hours, spas, and more.

Enjoy your Las Vegas Vacation

Are you ready for your first trip to Las Vegas? Stick with our tips, and you’re guaranteed to have a stellar time. Want to learn more about the Las Vegas Monorail? Check out our FAQ page or hit us up on social media with your Las Vegas questions.

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