What do before a Las Vegas Concert

Early Afternoon Before a Las Vegas Concert

At this point, you’re probably feeling super jazzed about your concert tonight. Especially if it’s Lady Gaga’s Jazz + Piano Residency (get it?). But hold your horses, this is your chance to relax and revive yourself before a big night. Two options for maximum relaxation: hit the pool or the spa.


Are you looking for a snack or happy hour to hold you off until dinner? We’ve got that covered thanks to our Happy Hour Guide. Click through the link for the full down on all the best happy hours along the Las Vegas Monorail route.

Dinner Before a Las Vegas Concert

Pro tip here: Make some reservations! You’re likely on a fairly tight timetable, and you don’t want your evening derailed because there’s a 45-minute wait at the restaurant. Which leads us to our next pro-tip: build some extra time into your evening itinerary. Everything takes longer than you think and it’s better to have a few additional minutes than feel like you have to scramble to get there on time.

As far as restaurant options, there’s a few we love to recommend.

Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand

Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand is classic, exceptional, and always executed effortlessly. This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for flawless French cuisine. Oh, and did we mention the Three Michelin Stars?


Momofuku at the Cosmopolitan

David Chang has become one of the most accomplished and well-loved chefs around. Momofuku expertly combines flavors from all over the world to create some of the most exquisite dishes on the Las Vegas Strip.


NoMad Bar

The NoMad Bar is located right alongside the off the lobby of the new NoMad casino. Every Friday and Saturday night, there is live music from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. You’ll find the NoMad Bar upon entering Park MGM from Las Vegas Blvd. Head towards the guest elevator bank. Enter the NoMad side, turn right into the hallway. NoMad Bar is elegant, fresh-faced, and conveniently located for several different venues.


Drinks Before a Las Vegas Concert

Depending on the timing of your dinner reservation, you may want to plan drinks for before dinner, or after. Either way, you’re golden! Here are a few options for your perusal. Plus, a link to a full run-down on the Las Vegas cocktail scene!

Bound at The Cromwell

For classic and inventive cocktails, don’t miss Bound at The Cromwell. This is one of Las Vegas’ hidden gems. Try the Bound Old Fashioned, the Bunny Bubbles, or the Spicy Fifty.


Libertine Social at Mandalay Bay

Libertine Social gives guests permission to explore and break free from expectations. This next-generation gastropub is the perfect place for a stop-off pre-concert. We especially love their swizzles!


Are you looking for more options? Check out our full guide to the Best Cocktail Bars on the Las Vegas Strip.

Getting to your Las Vegas Concert

Need directions to your venue? We love our maps, directions, and top tips. To help you on your way, we created a guide for getting to concert venues in Las Vegas. Take a peek before you head on your way!

After a Las Vegas Concert

Have an Option Near your Concert Venue

Las Vegas is no stranger to lots of people in one place. However, depending on your chosen method of transportation, it might be a good idea to scope out a post-concert option near the venue. It’s an excellent opportunity to grab and drink and bask in the assured fabulousness of whatever you just experienced. If you plan to park near your venue, in the same parking structure as your venue, having a post-concert plan is highly recommended.


If you’re walking or taking the Las Vegas Monorail, you shouldn’t need a post-concert plan, unless you’re looking for an extra shot of fun!

The Cherry on Top

Anyone with a sweet tooth? While you may have experienced one of the sweetest concerts of your life, you may still be craving a different variety of sweetness. For starters, check out the delightful Milk Bar at the Cosmopolitan. Chef and owner Christina Tosi has crafted some seriously creative and playful sweets. Try the alcohol-infused Fancy Shakes, compost cookies, or the cereal milk soft serve.


What do before a Las Vegas Concert

There you have it! Everything you need to know before you plan your next concert in Las Vegas. Do you have a pre-concert ritual or plan? Hop over to social media and share your best ideas with us!